IASL auctions

Our popular Auctions are your opportunity to support IASL’s charitable causes while you find wonderful gift items from around the world. Please, bring a larger gift item or several smaller gift items from your local area, as you would when visiting a faraway friend. Good choices are easy to fit in a suitcase – decorative items, scarves, food or drink, items with book or library themes. (No clothes, please).

Donated auction items are displayed during the conference, and you can bid on the chance to take home a gift! Small items are pay-and-take now, others will be on the Silent Auction tables for written bids each day, and the most interesting gifts will be auctioned live at the Gala Dinner. Payments may be made in Kuna (CRO), Euro, USD, or by credit card at the IASL desk.

Because the Auctions aren’t a marketplace, the winning bid for a gift you donated may not be as much as you paid for it, so please don’t be disappointed – the winner will be so happy to take it home and share your culture and kindness with their family and friends! Whether you donate a gift or pay the winning bid to take one home or both, you are supporting IASL awards for excellence in school library research and the Books for Children grant. Learn more at https://iasl-online.org/awards/index.html

International children books exhibit

Please bring a new children’s or young adult book about your country, region, or culture to donate to the IASL Conference for the International Children’s Book Exhibit.

At the end of the conference, all books in this Exhibit will be given to a school library in the host country so children and youth can enjoy all the different languages, art, and stories. Remember to sign a donation label for each book that you bring to the Registration table so we can count how many countries are represented!

We welcome your donations and contributions to support IASL’s charitable work and to make the conference even more of success!

Yours sincerely,

Vanja Jurilj
Organising Committee Chairperson
Croatian Association of School Librarians President
IASL Europe Director

Katy Manck
IASL President