Croatian librarians have made substantial contributions towards the growth and development of an extensive librarian’s network. Internationally notable figures are none other than Eva Verona (first European lady to receive the Margaret Mann Citation in Cataloguing & Classification award) and, Mihaela Banek Zorica (IASL 2010 award).

Although our work was severely disrupted during the war in the early nineties through our long school libraries tradition, teamwork and joint efforts, we have reached our goal of having a library in every school in Croatia.

Furthermore, approximately ninety-three percent {93%} of employed school librarians are holders of an academic degree such as a Master of Arts in Librarianship or Information Science. High visitation index to our IASL web site confirms a high involvement of school communities within the ambits of the association and the country at large.

The decision to host the IASL conference in Dubrovnik is anchored on both practical and symbolic reasons.

Dubrovnik has had a long history of conference tourism, the airport is near to the city and the climate is mild during the year. The Valamar Lacroma Hotel offers one of the biggest conference halls in the country and other accompanying facilities for a successful event.

Dubrovnik’s has a long history as a free republic dating back to turbulent times of the wars between Orient and Occident. Through capable diplomatic engagement Dubrovnik managed to remain independent, maintained good relations with everyone and traded with all but always retained its freedom or sovereignty. With its rich and long-lasting tradition, Dubrovnik has contributed immensely to the development of culture and science.

Famous for its wild and proud beauty, we find this Mediterranean Pearl to be a perfect symbolic place for holding a conference in School Librarianship – School librarians sometimes need to have almost the same diplomatic skills to find ways to complete their mission.

Croatians are known for their hospitality.

You are all invited!


Vanja Jurilj
Organising Committee Chairperson
Croatian Association of School Librarians President
IASL Europe Director