9:00 – 10:00

Elafiti 2
Workshop Use Social Media to Make Your Library Go Viral!

Carol C. Youssif

Workshop The Vital Role School Libraries Play in Developing Empathy

Douglas Johnson

Workshop Classification Implementing a Flexible, Child-Centered, Whole Language System

Brianna Pannell / Mandy Friedman

Divona 1
Workshop Best Practices for Improving and Using the School Library Collection

Mona Kerby

Divona 2
Special Interest Group Research Special Interest Group: Business Meeting

Dianne Oberg (Chair)

10:00 – 11:00

Elafiti 3-4
Professional Paper Happened on This Day…

Daria Pestić

Professional Paper School Library of Secondary School Mate Blažina, Labin as Custodian of Language & Cultural Identity

Majda Milevoj Klapčić

Elafiti 2
Professional Paper Pedagogical Centre: A Way of Empowering and Transforming a School Library

Therése Haglind / Emmelie Ernst / Ulrika Boström

Professional Paper Motivating Teachers to Use the School Library

Josip Rihtarić

Professional Paper The Ideal Libraries Project of the International Baccalaureate

Anthony Tilke

Professional Paper The Power of Collaborative Advocacy for Strong School Libraries

Mary Moen

Professional Paper Establishing a School Library Network Through Collaborations and Partnership in the Middle East – Success Story of Gems School Library Network

Raghunathan Manheri Othayoth

Professional Paper Adopting Computer Technology to Empower Rural School Learners – Zimbabwe

Hosea Tokwe

Divona 1
Research Paper Status of Secondary School Libraries in Bangladesh

Zakir Hossain

Research Paper “I Always Need a Translation to Read”: Malay-English Bilingual Children’s Reading Preferences

Maisarah Zulkifly

Divona 2
Research Paper Australian Teacher Librarian Perspectives on Collaboration & Inquiry

Kasey Garrison / Lee FitzGerald

Research Paper Teacher-Librarians as School and District Leaders

Joanne Rodger / Jennifer Branch-Mueller

11:00 – 11:30

Business Center

11:30 – 13:00

Elafiti 3-4
Professional Paper STEM Library Activities in Croatian School Curriculums

Ana Rendulić

Professional Paper Gamification in School Libraries

Dejan Šiptar

Professional Paper School Library – Nest for Talented Children

Danica Pelko

Elafiti 2
Professional Paper School Libraries Can Empower and Transform Student Learning Journeys Using the Power of Collaboration – Reading and Research

Madeleine Jane Viner

Professional Paper Read and Learn @ the Library – Activities for Grades 1-8

Lalaine C. Montinola / Nicole Noelle P. Ibal

Professional Paper Through the Looking Glass, into Wonderland & Beyond! Transforming Your School Library

Kerry Pope

Professional Paper Practical Realities of Digital & Information Literacies & the School Library – a Case Study

Yvonne L. Barrett

Professional Paper Practical Realities of Digital & Information Literacies & the School Library – a Case Study

Adria Juros

Professional Paper Hungarian School Library System; Can Library Pedagogy Programs Save Us?

Marianna Pataki / Andrea Dömsödy

Professional Paper Citizenship & School Library – Simple Educational Experiences for Complex Problems

Liliana Silva

Professional Paper Libraries of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools: School Library as an Integrated Information and Educational Space of the Modern School

Sandugash Dospayeva / Aida Agadil / Rauan Yessenbeck

presented by Olga Salamakhina & Maslikhat Zamirbekkyzy

Professional Paper How Does Your Library Grow?

Anne Hollyfield / Stella Therond

Divona 1
Research Paper Librarians’ Roles on Students Who Are Hurt

Fadekemi Oyewusi / Kolawole Akinjide Aramide / Maria Fe Nicolau / Francisca A. Messakh

Research Paper Contextualizing the Transformed Role of the School Librarian &  Library

Mary Moen

Divona 2
Research Paper Understanding the Work Identity of Library Paraprofessionals

Norene Erickson

Research Paper Demonstrating Causal Relationships Between School Libraries & Student Achievement

Barbara Schultz-Jones / Laura Pasquini

13:00 – 14:00


14:00 – 15:00

Elafiti 3-4
Keynote speaker Young People Living Safe Lives: Convergence, Challenges, and Chances

Ross Todd

15:00 – 16:00

Elafiti 3-4
Closing Ceremonies

16:00 – 16:30

Business Center

17:00 – 19:00

Divona 1
IASL Board & Executive meetings